II kind of won the lottery when it comes to dream jobs. I get to be a professional voice actor and vocalist for film, television, and games. You might have heard my voice in a favorite commercial, animated or live action series, or game franchise -including Jade in Mortal Kombat 11 (NeatherRealm Studios) as Lifeline in Apex Legends (Respawn) and, Pallegina in Pillars of Eternity I&II (Obsidian).

I recently joined the Marvel Universe as Princess Zanda – Black Panther’s nemesis in Marvel Avengers: BlackPanther’s Quest – (DisneyXD). I love that I get to be an official #DisneyPrincess… even if I am a little bad;-). I am also working on a couple of dream projects slated for 2020 release including one where I get to sing and act with two of my favorite Actresses – Jackie Tohn (Glow) and Kristen Bell (The Good Place/ Frozen) – Fangirling so hard!

Meanwhile, you can also find me returning as Rin Tohsaka in the new Fate/stay night film trilogy, as Tikki in Miraculous Ladybug for Disney (Spots On!) 

My other passions include baking, hiking, math, neuroplasticity, String Theory/ M Theory/ Quantum Mechanics, Material Ecology (Neri Oxman is a hero), and volunteering for my favorite charities. And I’m pretty sure now that it was a good idea to skip law school.  ;-)

Remember – No matter what the day brings,  you MATTER, you MEAN something, and you CAN make a difference.

Find out how valuable you are by helping others in your community or donate time or money to one of my favorite inspirational charities

California Fire Foundation – supporting fallen firefighters and their families

(or the foundation supporting firefighters in your state or part of the world) 

Seriously- who doesn’t love fire fighters?!?

HOPE Campaign  

Project Angel Food

Wounded Warrior Project


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